Ecoshield Fabric Protector


The Ecoshield Fabric Protector is perfect for people with fabric chairs, couches or carpets especially for those with young children where spills and accidents are inevitable. The spray protects against spills, stains and other dirt and grime to keep your fabric looking clean and as good as new. The spray can go straight onto new fabrics or carpet to keep it protected or if it is going onto and old piece of fabric just give it a good clean before applying and then allow the item to dry completely.

  • Protects against stains, dirt and grimey marks.
  • Great for light colour fabric where marks are more noticeable.
  • Can be used on all fabrics, acrylics, synthetics,
    cottons, wool, suede, canvas, polypropylene and velvet.
  • Easy to use.
  • 250ml bottle.

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