Scratch Fix Stain Pen (Light Brown)


The Scratch Fix Stain Pen is great for those who own lots of wooden furniture or just want to make sure the pieces they do own stay looking good. The felt tip pen contains a light coloured stain which is excellent for touching up and concealing scratches, small chips and any other slight imperfections where a little cover up is needed. The light brown stain pen works perfectly for pieces that have a light or natural finish to them and need a touch up. Simply colour in the mark with the pen, let it dry for a few seconds then rub the stain into the timber then apply more if it is needed.

  • Covers scratches, marks and other nicks.
  • Restores beauty to imperfect woodwork.
  • Perfect for wooden furniture, panels, doors and anything else.
  • Easy to use.
  • Dries within seconds.
  • Waterproof finish.

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