The beauty of working with natural products is they become unique and individual pieces due to the variations each piece of timber provides. All the timber products found in store and online have been sourced from sustainable sources, being either recycled or plantation timber. We strongly refuse to support any manufacturer that does not adhere to these practices and do not stock any items that have been made from rain forest wood. Each type of timber has a distinct characteristic with its grain and certain types are available in a variety of stain options. During the manufacturing process, each piece of timber is properly kiln dried to the required moisture levels as well constructed in a way that best prevents imperfections occurring. Over time, these imperfections still may arise depending on a variety of circumstances out the manufacturers control, which is why we provide you with a care sheet upon purchase so you can best look after your item for years to come. Please feel free to browse the information about each type of timber we use below as well as care instructions for timber products.
 Acacia Hardwood Timber - Bohemio Furniture A part of the wattle family, Acacia is a hardwood timber commonly used here in Australia to make furniture and other timber pieces. Grown in the North East of India, the plantation timber has a distinct and earthy grain which gives off a vibrant sense of life through the timber.
Mango Hardwood Timber - Bohemio Furniture The Indians have been using mango timber for years now. Often used to create incredible furniture pieces, Mango is as solid and beautiful as any other hardwood timber out there. The detailed grain gives an appeal like none other.
Oak Hardwood Timber - Bohemio Furniture Commonly used in furniture construction, Oak is one of the heavier types of hardwood timbers out there. With an easily recognisable grain, the thick lines swirl in various motions throughout the timber.
Mahogany Hardwood Timber - Bohemio Furniture Mahogany has been used to create lovely furniture pieces for many centuries and will continue so for many more. The hardwood timber has a more neutral grain compared to most other timbers but is still magnificent to look at.
Elm Hardwood Timber - Bohemio Furniture The thick and prominent grain is what makes Elm so unique and desired for use in many pieces of furniture. The solid hardwood timber is sourced from plantations in China were sustainability is priority of this much loved timber.
Birch Hardwood Timber - Bohemio Furniture A lightweight timber more commonly used in chairs and pieces of furniture that need to be moved a lot, Birch is popularly harvested and grown in China through timber plantations. A more flat and neutral grain sees the timber more easy on the eye to look at.
Sheesham Rosewood Hardwood Timber - Bohemio Furniture When it comes to solid timbers, Sheesham is right up there. The incredibly dense and hard timber is an Indian favourite being able to withstand knocks and bumps which only add to its character. The grain throughout the timber makes an instant impact on any piece of furniture and gives furniture designs an extra edge.
Teak Hardwood Timber - Bohemio Furniture More commonly used in outdoor furniture, Teak is a timber made to withstand the elements of an ever changing climate. We commonly use recycled Teak as it has the charm and appeal of a past life made into todays furniture.

How to Care For: Timber
- Always avoid direct sunlight and consider room heat and humidity which could cause natural movements in timber and/or joints.
- Wipe off spills immediately. Always use coasters or table mats.
- Do not place hot objects directly on the surface eg. pizza carton and hot pans, as discolouration to the furniture could occur.
- Dust and clean with a dry soft cloth. Do not use damp or wet cloth.
- Use Beeswax to wax and buff at least every 6 months to keep the rich look and condition of the timber.

To download our care instructions sheet in PDF file format simply click here