Hip Bar Table Top - 140cm x 35 x 2.5 cm

Our custom range of cafe table tops come in all shapes and sizes for when you need fit out your dining table, bar, restaurant or cafe. They make a fantastic dining table for that size that you just cannot get in a shop! Made from 100% solid timber, they are built to last and will age beautifully the more they are used. The 140cm x 35cm top is perfect to be used as a dining table top, bar top, wall shelf or combined to make a communal table. The natural grain of the hardwood Mango timber is highlighted and will have your customers or friends enjoying their meal or drink that little bit more. 


  • Made from Solid Hardwood Mango wood (Plantation)
  • Perfect as a dining table top, bar top, bench top, mounted wall shelf or combined to form a communal table.
  • Large range of sizes available (see below or Cafe Section for more)


Table Top: 140cm (L) x 35cm (W)
Table Top Thickness: 2.5cm

Variable Sizes Available

- 70cm x 60cm          - 140cm x 35cm 

- 70cm x 70cm          - 150cm x 70cm

- 120 x 60cm             - 120cm x 70cm

- 170cm x 35cm        - 170cm x 70cm

- 135cm x 70cm        -100cm x35cm

Round with a 95cm diameter.

Made from

  • Mango wood sourced from timber plantations
  • Kiln oven dried to a moisture level between 10-12%
  • Finished with a natural beeswax finish
  • For more information about the timber and how to look after it simply click here

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