Set of 6 Jute Round Mats
Set of 6 Jute Round Mats Set of 6 Jute Round Mats Set of 6 Jute Round Mats

The Jute Round mats are a versatile natural fiber mat that can be utilised around the home or office. Jute is a soft, flexible and hard-wearing fiber, providing a lustrous that is sustainably grown and sourced, making this a must-have for any Eco-friendly household. Beautifully handwoven by skilled artisans in India, the superior craftsmanship the beautiful interwoven construction gives this Jute Mat a unique look and makes it durable for whatever use you put it to. Perfect for your dining table, under vases or in any room of the home or office. Jute Round Mats provide an organic look and feel. 


  • Set of 6 Jute round mats
  • Made from sustainably grown natural fibers
  • Eco-friendly
  • Handwoven by skilled Artisans
  • They are all individual and hand woven and will vary 


  • 30 cm Diameter*

*As this item is handwoven, there may be slight variations in actual size and texture of each mat


    Made From

    • Jute